Monday, March 5, 2012

Miguel Cotto is fine with random blood testing

Mayweather vs Cotto
Puerto Rican boxing star Miguel Cotto is fine with random blood and urine testing for his junior middleweight bout against unbeaten American star Floyd Mayweather on May 5 in Las Vegas. Mayweather has demanded that all of his opponents undergo random blood and urine testing, with the United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) administering the tests.

In an interview with Boxing Scene, Cotto said he has no problems with the drug testing and believes it will keep the sport of boxing "clean."

"In sports, if it's something about skills, conditioning or preparation, you have to be clean. In all sports, you have to be clean," Cotto said.

"And if you can contribute to make the sport better and more clean, I'm not mad about that," he added.

Cotto said he agreed with Mayweather's demands for random blood and urine testing so he can contribute to the sport's image.

"I'm a sportsman, and all I want is a clean, more clean sport that the people can trust," he said. "People can sit in their homes and watch real fighters who are not using anything to have an advantage."”

Moreover, Cotto said he has already experienced drug testing when he competed in the Olympics.

"It's the same system used in the Olympics in 2000. It's a simple pinch," he said. "Four to six times during camp. It's not going to be bigger than a spoon of blood. It isn’t going to take anything out of me."

Random blood and urine testing were among the issues preventing a potential mega-fight between pound-for-pound kings Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather.

“This will be the kind of test that will motivate me to train harder. Miguel Cotto will fight hard. It will be a very exciting fight. On May 5th, it won’t be an ordinary day. We’re going to give people all around the world what they want to see,” Mayweather said.

Mayweather has won championships in five divisions: super featherweight, lightweight, super lightweight, welterweight and junior middleweight.

Though Pacquiao has agreed to all of Mayweather's drug-testing demands, the negotiations for the mega-fight fell apart anew after the American boxer refused to agree to a 50-50 revenue split.

Pacquiao has also filed a defamation case against Mayweather after the latter accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs.

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