Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who Will Win Between Mayweather and Ortiz?

The much-awaited matchup will be held on Sept. 27, 2011 as Ortiz is set to defend his WBC World Championship title. This is bound to be one of the biggest fights this year as the two boxers have made such a huge impact in the boxing world. Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz is one of the biggest boxing fights and events of the year. Mayweather vs Ortiz is an exciting, intriguing bout in the welterweight division. It features one of the sport's best fighters and biggest names in a long awaited return, and he's facing a powerful, young champion intent on keeping up his winning ways. On his comeback fight, Mayweather will be up against the Victor Ortiz. Ortiz is 10 years younger than Mayweather, with Ortiz aged only 24 years while Mayweather is 34.

But despite his young age, the Mexican-American is turning out to become a boxing great with a scorecard of 29 wins, 2 losses, and 2 draws, with 22 wins via KOs. He is considered by several boxing news and websites as one of the top two welterweight boxers of the world. For my personal view regarding this fight, I guess it will still be Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He got a stone wall defense that its difficult for Ortiz to crack. The latter just can't get through that defense and he will probably receive some beating from the undefeated fighter. Aside from that people are waiting for Floyd to win this match so that he can prepare to fight Pacquiao on his next fight if in case he will not retire again and dock the match once more.

However, Victor Ortiz can still have the chance to win this match if in case he can keep up to exchange blows against Floyd up to the later rounds. Watch Mayweather vs Ortiz this September 27 to see who among them will take home the WBC World Welterweight title.

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